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HV2405E transformerless stabilizer

Using HV2405E chip, manufactured by Harris, along with a few external components connected like in this circuit diagram can be achieved a voltage stabilizer without a voltage transformer. Using HV2405E chip can get a 5 + 24V stabilized voltage directly from the mains AC 100 260V.Peak output current of stabilizer is 50 mA.
Integrated circuit contains a preregulator ensuring charge of C2 a sufficient capacity at the beginning of each voltage network. Charging continues until the capacitor voltage has reached a desired value plus 6 V.

When it reaches this state, C2 provides the necessary voltage to series regulator also contained by integrated circuit. Output of this regulator is adjustable, between 5 V and 24 V, with P1 and is available at pin 6.

Load current will discharge a C2 capacitor, but the preregulator ensure its proper recharge during each period of tension network.

Circuit Diagram: 
HV2405E transformerless stabilizer circuit diagram

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