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Simple 555 timer circuits

Free simple 555 timer circuits electronics projects with explanation and diagrams. Huge collection of electronics projects based on the 555 timer circuit or equivalent integrated circuits.

Speed regulator for DC motors

Using electronic diagram below can be designed a speed regulator for DC motors. The circuit use pulse phase modulation (IC1 rectangular pulse modulator always engages the motor to 0.5 ms).

Circuit Diagram: 
Speed regulator for DC motors circuit diagram

555 timer voltage converter

A simple voltage converter built with a 555 timer can be made using this electronic circuit diagram. Since the converter does not contain any adjustable element, output voltage is, dependent of load. Theoretically, the output is twice than the input voltage, but, because losses can not reach this level. The main losses occur in semiconductor junctions of transistors and the rectifier diodes
IC1 oscillator generates a signal frequency of about 10 kHz, depending on IC1's output level T1, or T2 is in conduction.

Circuit Diagram: 
555 timer voltage converter circuit diagram

Fast charger for NiCd batteries using 555 timer

A fast charger for NiCd batteries can be made using this circuit diagram. This electronic circuit is built using 555 timer circuit connected as astabil.

Circuit Diagram: 
Fast charger for NiCd batteries using 555 timer


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