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Electronic and electrical testers circuit diagrams electronics projects

Testers electronic circuit diagrams electronics projects for electronic components and circuits.

Continuity tester circuit project

A continuity tester can be achieved using this circuit diagram. The continuity tester produces a sound when the connection that is checked is not interrupted.

Circuit Diagram: 
Continuity tester circuit diagram

Cable tester electronic project

A cable tester device can be built using electronic diagram below.
Using electronic diagram below can test concomitant eight pairs of cable.

Circuit Diagram: 
Cable tester electronic project circuit diagram using logic gates

Zener diode tester electronic circuit project

With electronic scheme below can be made a zener diode tester.
Using this tester and a multimeter can be measured and determined with a high precision threshold voltage of a zener diode.

Circuit Diagram: 
Zener diode tester electronic circuit project


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