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Electronic and electrical testers circuit diagrams electronics projects

Testers electronic circuit diagrams electronics projects for electronic components and circuits.

SCR tester circuit diagram

A very simple and useful SCR tester circuit diagram can be constructed using few external common  electrical components . This schematic circuit diagram use just few resistors and a simple red LED .

Null detector polarity tester circuit diagram

It’s very easy to test the polarity of a signal at a point from circuit ( if the voltage from test point is positive or negative ) by using a digital multimeter or using an null detector electronic circuit like in this diagram .  This null detector polarity tester circuit diagram is based on a common 741 operational amplifier that require few additional components to do the null detection .  The test result of the polarity indicator is displayed through the two LED’s  LED1 and LED2 .

AC DC indicator circuit diagram

A very nice and simple AC/DC indicator circuit diagram is presented in this page . The AC/DC indicator circuit diagram is based on two transistors one PNP and one NPN transistor . The circuit will give a visual indication using two LEDs . Also this AC/DC indicator circuit will  provide an information if the signal tested is positive or negative .
If the red LED will glow the signal is positive DC , if the yellow LED will glow the tested signal is negative  .
When the tested signal is AC , both LEDs will glow (  LED1 and LED2 ) .


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