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Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects

Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects for radio transmitter, radio receiver circuit, rf amplifiers, rf boosters and some other related RF circuits like: fm antenna booster, microwave transmitter and wireless modules.

2.4 , 2.5GHz RF power amplifier using PM2107 IC

Using the PM2107 IC can be implemented a very simple and GaAs RFIC power amplifier for
applications in the 2400 MHz ISM band. This two stage RFIC amplifier is off-chip matched to provide optimum performance for a variety of applications. Operating from a 5 volt supply, the PM2107 can produce 1 watt of saturated output power with 45% typical efficiency.
Pins 2, 4, 7, and 9 are all “RF-hot,” and require matching networks or bypass circuits as shown in the schematic above.

A maximum FR4 board thickness of 18 mils is recommended to minimize via and trace inductances. Large value bypass capacitors shown (1000 pF and greater) need not be located close to the PM2107, but must be present in the circuit to insure low frequency stability. R3 and R4 improve inband stability, and R1 and R2 provide out-of-band stability.
The area beneath the amplifier and the associated matching networks must have a continuous ground plane. The fused lead pins 3 and 8 provide a low inductance source ground for the 2nd stage of the PM2107.
The inductance to the microstrip ground plane should be as low as possible in grounding these pins. Pin 1 should be grounded through a transmission line to achieve the required input match and improve inband stability. The other ground pins (5, 6, 10) should also be connected to ground through a low inductance path.

A lossy input match is formed by TRL1, TRL2, C8, and R3. TRL2 provides ground isolation between the two stages to improve stability. The output matching network consists of TRL3, C1, and C2.
Int the table bellow you can see all parts required by this RF power amplifier project .

2.4 2.5 GHz RF power amplifier electronic project using PM21007 IC2.4 2.5 GHz RF power amplifier electronic project parts

RF power amplifier using RF2126

Using the RF2126 is a high-power, high-efficiency, linear amplifier IC. The device is manufactured on an can be designed a very simple and high efficiency amplifier for 2.45 GHz ISM applications such as WLAN and POS terminals. The part will also function as the final stage in digital PCS phone transmitters requiring linear amplification operating between 1800MHz and 2500MHz.

The device is self-contained with the exception of the output matching network and power supply feed line. This RF power amplifier produces a typical output power level of 1W.
This RF power amplifier module can be powered from a single DC power supply circuit that can provide an output voltage from 3 up to 6.5 volts .

RF high power RF amplifier electronic project circuit using RF2126

TDA9887 I2C-bus controlled IF-PLL demodulator with FM radio

Using the TDA9887 integrated circuit , manufactured by Philips Semiconductors , can be designed a very simple IF-PLL demodulator with FM radio .
This electronic project is very simple , requiring few external electronic parts excepting TDA9887 IC and must be powered from a 5 volts DC power supply .
Some features of this TDA9887 electronic project circuit are :

Gain controlled wide-band Vision Intermediate Frequency (VIF) amplifier, AC-coupled
Multistandard true synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration
Gated phase detector for L and L-accent standard
Fully integrated VIF Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), alignment-free, frequencies switchable for all negative and positive modulated standards via I2C-bus
Digital acquisition help, VIF frequencies of 33.4, 33.9, 38.0, 38.9, 45.75, and 58.75 MHz
4 MHz reference frequency input
VIF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) detector for gain control
Fully integrated sound carrier trap for 4.5, 5.5,6.0, and 6.5 MHz, controlled by FM-PLL oscillator .
AM demodulator without extra reference circuit
Alignment-free selective FM-PLL demodulator with high linearity and low noise
I2C-bus control for all functions
Alignment-free FM radio demodulation at 10.7 MHz

The IC is an alignment-free multistandard (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) vision and sound IF signal PLL demodulator for positive and negative modulation, including sound AM and FM processing. A special function is implemented for the demodulation of FM radio signals (fRIF = 10.7 MHz).
TDA9887 I2C-bus controlled multistandard alignment-free IF-PLL demodulator with FM radio


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