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Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects

Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects for radio transmitter, radio receiver circuit, rf amplifiers, rf boosters and some other related RF circuits like: fm antenna booster, microwave transmitter and wireless modules.

VHF amplifier 16 dB 250mW circuit project

A high efficiency simple 2-transistor VHF amplifier electronic circuit project can be designed using this electronic circuit diagram . This VHF amplifier electronic circuit has a very high efficiency of about 16dB gain, and requires no tuning or alignment procedures. Wideband techniques have been used in the design and the circuit is equipped with a "lowpass" filter to ensure good output spectral purity. This VHF power amplifier circuit is specifically designed to amplify the output of 7mW to 10mW WBFM transmitters to a final level of 250mW to 300mW, after the filter.

RD15HVF1 RF amplifier electronic project

This RF amplifier electronic project circuit is designed for 525MHz frequency band . This RF amplifier electronic project is based on the RD15HVF1 MOS FET type transistor specifically

250mW FM transmitter electronic project

A very simple FM transmitter electronic project can be designed using this circuit diagram . This FM transmitter electronic project works in FM band and it has a transmission power around 250mW ( thing that make it to work at above hundred meters ) . This FM transmitter electronic circuit is very simple and is based on some common transistors and electronic parts .
T1 transistor can be a BC107, BC171 or equivalent , and is used as an small audio preamplifier that amplify the audio signal from the microphone . Adjusting the R2 variable resistor, audio signal level from the input ( microphone ) can be adjusted until will be delivered to the T1 preamplifier (an over amplified signal applied to T1 can produce an overmodulation) . From T1 , signal is delivered to T2 which form an Hartley oscillator (frequency of this oscillator depends of C8,C9 and L1) .

The transmitter frequency oscillator works in FM band 87.5-108 MHz and can be set , adjusting C8 capacitor and L1 coil . L1 coil must have four turnings on a 0.8-1 mm cylinder support with a 6 mm diameter (space between each wire must be around 1 mm ) .
Antenna used for this project can be a simple telescopic antenna or a 60-70 mm Cu wire .
This electronic project can be powered from a wide range input voltage from 9 to 12 volts Dc ( but can be used even a 18 volts DC .

simple FM transmitter electronic project circuit using transistors


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