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Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects

Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects for radio transmitter, radio receiver circuit, rf amplifiers, rf boosters and some other related RF circuits like: fm antenna booster, microwave transmitter and wireless modules.

FM Transmitter circuit diagram project

This FM transmitter circuit project is a very simple and powerful transmitter circuit with a range up to 1 kilometer in the open. This FM transmitter circuit uses an RF transistor in its output stage and two BC547’s for the first two stages. Distance of transmission is critically dependent on the operating conditions (in a building or out on the open), type of aerial used (single wire or dipole), operating voltage (12V is better than 6V) and if the circuit is peaked for maximum performance.

Circuit Diagram: 
FM transmitter circuit diagram project

UPC1651 FM transmitter

Using the UPC1651 FM transmitter circuit can be designed a very simple low cost FM transmitter electronic project. This UPC1651 FM transmitter circuit is specially designed as a wide band amplifier covering the HF band trough UHF band .
Some features of this monolithic integrated circuit are : high power gain, low voltage operation ( 5 volt required), small package.

Circuit Diagram: 
UPC1651 FM transmitter circuit

SSB receiver using MC3335P

This SSB receiver is designed using the MC3335P low power narrow band FM receiver and using few external electronic parts.


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