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Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects

Radio circuit diagrams electronics projects for radio transmitter, radio receiver circuit, rf amplifiers, rf boosters and some other related RF circuits like: fm antenna booster, microwave transmitter and wireless modules.

Product Detector using LM1496

A very simple single sideband (SSB) suppressed carrier demodulator (product detector) circuit can be designed using the LM1596 balanced modulator-demodulators IC .
A product detector is a type of demodulator used for AM and SSB signals.

The carrier signal is applied to the carrier input port with sufficient amplitude for switching operation. A carrier input level of 300 mVrms is optimum. The composite SSB signal is applied to the signal input port with an amplitude of 5.0 to 500 mVrms.

All output signal components except the desired demodulated audio are filtered out, so that an offset adjustment is not required. This circuit may also be used as an AM detector by applying composite and carrier signals in the same manner as described for product detector operation.
As you can see in the circuit diagram , this SSB product detector is very simple and require few external electronic parts.
This product detector circuit needs to be powered from 8 volts DC power supply .

SSB product detector schematic circuit with LM1496 balanced modulator-demodulators IC

Wireless speaker system

A simple high quality FM remote wireless speaker system can be designed using the LM LM566 VCO and LM565 PLL Detector . This high quality, noise free, wireless speaker system is composed from two stages : radio transmitter and radio receiver .
The LM566 VCO is used to convert the program material into FM format, which is then transformer coupled to standard power lines. At the receiver end the material is detected from the power lines and demodulated by the LM565.

LA1260 FM IF MW radio receiver

A very simple FM IF/MW radio receiver circuit can be designed using the LA1260 IC designed by Sanyo Semiconductor .
As you can see in the schematic circuit the LA1260 ic can be used in AM FM radio receiver electronic projects .La 1260 has integrated in the package many functions and features that are needed for radio receiver applications .

Some important functions of LA1260 ic are :
FM : IF amplifier, quadrature detector, AF preamplifier, tuning indicator drive output.
AM : RF amplifier, MIX, OSC (with ALC), IF amplifier, Detector, AGC, tuning indicator drive.
Some of the main important features of the LA1260 FM AM tuner system are:
high S/N : FM 81dB ,AM 53dB ;low-level AM oscillator with ALC MW 130mV SW 70 mV to 90 mV (7MHz) (24MHz) ;less AM whistle interference : whistle 1% at input 100dB/m. ;on-chip LED tuning indicator driver ;on-chip FM/AM selector; independent FM/AM output pins .

The AM local oscillation parts, AM local oscillation coil, and antenna circuit parts such as bar antenna must be separated from each other as far as possible to prevent Qs from worsening.
Pin 16 (AM oscillation injection pin) and pin 14 (RF input pin) must be separated from each other . The recommended power supply for this radio receiver circuit is 4.5 volt DC , but the LA1260 ic accepts an input voltage range from 3 to 8 volts DC .
LA1260 FM IF MW radio receiver schematic circuit diagram


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