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TDA7088T fm receiver circuit

The TDA7088T fm receiver circuit is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios.
The TDA7088T fm receiver circuit is a very simple radio circuit which require some external components .
Tda7088T contains a frequency-locked-loop (FLL) system with an Intermediate Frequency (IF) of about 70 kHz. For supplying this circuit we can use an 3 volts battery cell or a regulated power supply .
TDA7088T electronic tuning circuit
tda7088t-electronic-tuning-radio circuit
Tda7088T radio receiver IC can be used with electronic tuning or mechanical tuning .
Main features of the TDA7088T radio receiver IC are : Equipped with all stages of a mono receiver from antenna to audio output , Mute circuit , Search tuning with a single varicap diode , Mechanical tuning with integrating AFC , AM application supported , Power supply polarity protection , Power supply voltage down to 1.8 V.
If is used the electrical tuning the tuning is in one direction ( band-up ) search and the reset function will reset the equipment to the lower band limit .
If you want to use Tda7088T circuit with headphones you can use TDA7050 audio amplifier to connect the headphones .

 tda7088t-pin-descriptiontda7088t  pins

TDA7088T mechanical tuning circuit
tda7088t-mechanical-tuning radio
TDA7088T AM/FM radio circuit
TDA7088T fm receiver circuit for portable radio

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