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RF power amplifier using RF2126

Using the RF2126 is a high-power, high-efficiency, linear amplifier IC. The device is manufactured on an can be designed a very simple and high efficiency amplifier for 2.45 GHz ISM applications such as WLAN and POS terminals. The part will also function as the final stage in digital PCS phone transmitters requiring linear amplification operating between 1800MHz and 2500MHz.

The device is self-contained with the exception of the output matching network and power supply feed line. This RF power amplifier produces a typical output power level of 1W.
This RF power amplifier module can be powered from a single DC power supply circuit that can provide an output voltage from 3 up to 6.5 volts .

RF high power RF amplifier electronic project circuit using RF2126


please what what's the name of the IC portrayed above?


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