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Product Detector using LM1496

A very simple single sideband (SSB) suppressed carrier demodulator (product detector) circuit can be designed using the LM1596 balanced modulator-demodulators IC .
A product detector is a type of demodulator used for AM and SSB signals.

The carrier signal is applied to the carrier input port with sufficient amplitude for switching operation. A carrier input level of 300 mVrms is optimum. The composite SSB signal is applied to the signal input port with an amplitude of 5.0 to 500 mVrms.

All output signal components except the desired demodulated audio are filtered out, so that an offset adjustment is not required. This circuit may also be used as an AM detector by applying composite and carrier signals in the same manner as described for product detector operation.
As you can see in the circuit diagram , this SSB product detector is very simple and require few external electronic parts.
This product detector circuit needs to be powered from 8 volts DC power supply .

SSB product detector schematic circuit with LM1496 balanced modulator-demodulators IC

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