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MAX2664 MAX2665 VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifiers

A very simple low cost and ultra compact VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifiers circuit can be designed using the MAX2664 and MAX2665 ultra-compact LNAs for VHF/UHF applications.

These devices incorporate a broadband LNA with an integrated bypass switch. The MAX2664 covers the UHF frequency range from 470MHz to 860MHz, and the MAX2665 covers the VHF frequency range from 75MHz to 230MHz. Each device has a zero-power bypass mode for improved high-signal-level handling conditions.

As you can see in the presented circuit diagram , this RF project requires very few external components . Both ICs has a high gain around 15dB and require a single power supply , that can provide an output voltage between 2.4 to 3.5 volts .
VHF UHF Low-Noise amplifiers has a very low current consumption of 3.3 mA and can be used in applications like : Smartphones/Handsets , MP3 Players , Home Audio/Video and other portable navigation devices .
MAX2664 MAX2665 VHF UHF low noise amplifiers  schematic circuit

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