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Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects

Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects: battery chargers, switching power supply , ac power supply, dc dc converters, power inverter, converters and power adapters .

Laptop power supply circuit diagram using LM317

A simple power supply circuit that can be used at laptops or other devices it's shown in this schematic .

Power supply without transformer

Sometimes you need low consumption power supply. In this case you can use a power supply like (power supply without transformer) in schematic from this sheet.

10A 13.8V Power supply with LM723

The circuit in Figure1 will give us 10 amps with performance that equals or exceeds any commercial unit.
The circuit even has a current limiting feature which is a more reliable system than most commercial units have. This circuit uses the LM723 IC which gives us excellent voltage regulation. The circuit uses 3transistors 2n3055 which must be heat sinked.
Potentiometer R9 allows the tuning of the voltage to 13.8 volts and the resistor network formed by resistors R4 ,R7 controls the current limiting.


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