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Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects

Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects: battery chargers, switching power supply , ac power supply, dc dc converters, power inverter, converters and power adapters .

5 volts DC inverter circuit diagram

This DC DC inverter circuit diagram is based on the MAX724 monolithic, bipolar, pulsewidth modulation (PWM), switch-mode DC-DC regulator optimized for step-down applications. This inverter is a 5 volts DC inverter circuit that require few external components and supports a wide range input voltage from 4.5 volts up to 35 volts .

The maximum output current provided by this inverter is 1 A

If a lower output current is needed, then the current rating of both D1 and L1 may be reduced.

If the minimum input voltage is higher than 4.5V, then greater output current can be supplied.

R1, R2, and C4 provide compensation for low input voltages, but R1 and R2 also figure in the output-voltage calculation because they are effectively connected in parallel with R3.

To obtain larger negative output voltage you need to increase R1, R2, and R3 proportionally while maintaining the following relationships. If VIN does not fall below 2VOUT, then R1, R2, and C4 can be omitted and only R3 and R4 set the output voltage.

R4 = 1.82kW

R3 = |VOUT| - 2.37 (in kW)

R1 = 1.86 (R3)

R2 = 3.65 (R3)

5 volts DC inverter circuit diagram based on the MAX724 regulator IC

LT3574 12 volt switching power supply

The LT3574 IC is a monolithic switching regulator designed for the isolated flyback topology.  LT3574 don’t require a winding or opto-isolator for regulation. The part senses the isolated output voltage directly from the

primary side flyback waveform. A 0.65A, 60V NPN power switch is integrated in the package along with all control logic .

The LT3574 switching regulator operates over a wide input supply voltages from 3V to 40V and can deliver output power up to 3W without external power switch.

ISL8200M 10A power supply IC

This 10A power supply circuit s based on the ISL8200M IC which require few external components and is very easy to build but is capable to offer a high power making it useful in current-sharing DC DC power supply module for those power hungry Datacom\Telecom\Servers.

This power supply circuit accept a wide input voltage from 3 volts up to 20 volts at 10 A . The output voltage range can be set using a simple rsistor from 0.6 volts up to 6 volts . If we need more current is very easy to obtain using th ISL200M paralleling up to 6 modules , so the maximum output current can be in that case 60A .

ISL8200 10A power supply circuit


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