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Split power supply circuit diagram

A very interesting  split power supply circuit can be constructed using this schematic diagram which is based on a LM380 audio power IC . The regulation of the output voltage depends of the upon circuit feeding the LM380 . The power dissipation is around 1 watt so an small heatsink may be required . If the power dissipation is exceeded , the device will go into thermal shut-down protection .

Current limiting occurs if the output current exceeds 1.3 A  . The R1 linear potentiometer is , should be initially set to mid level  , is used nullify any imbalance in the output .

This split power supply circuit should not be used for input voltages which exceed 20 volts . Use this circuit after a regulated power supply circuit , but try to keep the specifications for the maximum rating of this split voltage circuit .

Split power supply circuit diagram schematic

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