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NCP508 50 mA low dropout regulator

The NCP508 is a 50 mA low dropout regulator designed to exhibit fast turn on time and high ripple rejection. The NCP508 low dropout regulator is available in many voltage versions of 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.3 V and other voltages in 100mV steps .NCP508 contains a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a PMOS power transistor, resistors for setting output voltage, current limit, and temperature limit protection circuits.
Also the NCP508 has been designed for use with ceramic capacitors and require few external components .

The main features of the NCP508 are : very low noise at 39 uVrms without a bypass capacitor ,high ripple rejection of 70 dB at 1 kHz , low dropout voltage of 140 mV (typ) at 30 mA , tight load regulation, typically 6 mV for Iout = 50 mA , fast enable turn−on time of 20 usec , logic level enable ,ESR can vary from a few mohms to 3 ohms .
Internal thermal shutdown circuitry is provided to protect the integrated circuit in the event that the maximum junction temperature is exceeded. (typically 125°C ).
This voltage regulator support a maximum input voltage of 13 volts , but the maximum recommended input voltage is 7 volts .

NCP508 50 mA low dropout regulator circuit

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