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NCP1654 controller for Continuous Conduction Mode

NCP1654 controls the power switch conduction time (PWM) in a fixed frequency mode and in dependence on the instantaneous coil current.
NCP1654 also integrates high safety protection features that make the NCP1654 a driver for robust and compact PFC stages like an effective input power runaway clamping circuitry.
The NCP1654 is optimized to exhibit consumption as small as possible in all operation modes.
NCP1654 permanently monitors the output voltage, the coil current and the die temperature to protect the system from possible over−stresses.
NCP1654 controller can be used in applications like : Flat TVs, PC Desktops , AC Adapters and other Off−line SMPS .
Main features of the NCP1654 controller chip are : IEC61000−3−2 Compliant , Average Current Continuous Conduction Mode , Fast Transient Response , Very Few External Components , Very Low Startup Currents (  NCP1654 controller for Continuous Conduction Mode

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