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Super zener circuit diagram

Electrical diagram below serves as a fast voltage stabilizer which can charge high current. The circuit is based on a transistor BUZ10 SIPMOS type, which allows a high power dissipation and high current.
From an external power source, whose voltage should be about 2V greater than desired stabilized voltage, P1-C1-D1 creates a stable voltage in the range 0 6.8 V. The open-voltage transistor T1, which opens in its turn T2. If the voltage Uz decreases slightly, the gate potential of T1 decreases, therefore T2 increases its drain-source resistance, so the output voltage increases. Speed of reaction is determined by R4.
Circuit, as shown provides output voltages in the range 3.9 - 9.6 V for an input voltage of 15 V.

Circuit Diagram: 
DIY super zener circuit diagram

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