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IR3870M DC DC voltage regulator power supply design

Using the IR3870M highly efficient DC DC voltage regulator can be designed a very simple high efficiency powers supply electronic project , that will provide a 1.1V output voltage at a maximum output current of 10 ampere . The on board constant on time hysteretic controller and MOSFETs make IR3870 DC DC voltage regulator a space-efficient solution that delivers up to 10A of precisely controlled output voltage in 60°C ambient temperature applications without airflow.

This circuit can be powered from a wide input voltage range between 6 and 21 volt and it has a switching frequency of 500 kHz .
An internal 10uA current source charges the external capacitor on the SS pin to set the output voltage slew rate during the soft start interval.
The PWM comparator initiates a SET signal (PWM pulse) when the FB pin falls below the reference (VREF) or the soft start (SS) voltage.
The regulator monitors the voltage at the FB node and if the FB voltage is above the over voltage
threshold, the gates are turned off and the PGOOD signal is pulled low.
This circuit can be very easy modified to provide an output voltage between 0.5 and 12 volt , by changing few electronic parts .

Circuit Diagram: 
IR3870M DC DC voltage regulator power supply design electronic project

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