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ADP2300 ADP2301dc dc regulators schematic circuits

The ADP2300 ADP2301 are compact, constant-frequency, current-mode, step-down dc dc regulators with integrated power MOSFET. The ADP2300 , ADP2301 devices operates over a wide input voltage range from 3.0 V up to 20 V . The output voltage delivered by the ADP2300 , ADP2301 can be adjusted from 0.8 volts , up to 0.85xVin , with ±2% accuracy. The maximum output current that can be provided by ADP2300 ADP2301 regulators is up to 1.2 A load current.
There are two frequency options: the ADP2300 runs at 700 kHz, and the ADP2301 runs at 1.4 MHz. These options allow users to make decisions based on the trade-off between efficiency and total solution size. Current-mode control provides fast and stable line and load transient performance.

The ADP2300/ADP2301 use the fixed-frequency, peak current-mode PWM control architecture at medium to high loads, but shift to a pulse-skip mode control scheme at light loads to reduce the switching power losses and improve efficiency.
The design of the electronic circuit is very simple and require few external components (as you can see in these application examples ) .
Also in the manufacturer datasheet you can find all information you need to build a regulator circuit using ADP2300 , ADP2301 , ( in the datasheet you will find more information ,about how to design the inductors , how to arrange the components on the pcb layout to obtain the best performance , and more ) .
Main features of these devices include  : 1.2 A maximum load current  , ±2% output accuracy over temperature range , wide input voltage range: 3.0 V to 20 V  ,700 kHz or 1.4 MHz switching frequency options  , high efficiency up to 91%  , current-mode control architecture  , output voltage from 0.8 V to 0.85 × VIN  ,automatic PFM/PWM mode switching ,precision enable pin with hysteresis ,integrated high-side MOSFET , integrated bootstrap diode , internal compensation and soft start  , undervoltage lockout (UVLO) , overcurrent protection (OCP) , thermal shutdown (TSD) , ADIsimPower™ online design tool .

ADP2300 dc-to-dc regulators schematic circuit ADP2301 dc-to-dc regulators schematic circuit

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