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5V power supply converter circuit using DFC6U5S5

This power supply converter circuit is designed for for digital, ECL, and analog application. The DFC6U5S5 power supply converter is manufactured by Power One and will provide up to 6 watts in an industry standard package.
Due to wide range input this power supply converter allow operation from battery as well as system power.

The DFC6U5S5 accepts an input voltage between 3.5 volts and 16 volts, and will provide an output voltage of 5 volts.
The output is electrically isolated, thereby allowing the output to be configured as a positive or negative output voltage. Fully isolated and filtered outputs permit usage in sensitive and low noise circuits.

The 100KHz operating frequency of the DFC6 series allows an increased power density while including adequate heat sinking and input/output filtering.
Using this circuit eliminates the need for external components in most applications.
A negative output voltage may be obtained by connecting the +OUT to circuit ground and connecting -OUT as the negative output.

Circuit Diagram: 
5V power supply converter circuit using DFC6U5S5

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