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5 volt DC DC step down converter using ADP2323

Using ADP2323 step down DC DC converter circuit , can be designed a various dc dc converters electronic projects . Using ADP2323 DC DC converter integrated circuit can be designed power supplies that require a high output current up to 3 Amperes per channel ( two channels) or 6 Amperes ( in parallel connection ).
This DC DC converter will provide two output voltages at two maximum output current . On the first channel this electronic circuit will provide a 5 volt output voltage at a maximum output current of 2 Ampere and at the second output channel this circuit will provide a 1 volt at a maximum load current of 1 Ampere .
Input voltage required by this DC DC converter electronic project must be 12 volts DC .

Circuit Diagram: 
5 volt DC DC step down converter using ADP2323

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