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5 to 12 V dual power supply circuit using LT3582

This 5 to 12 V dual power supply circuit is designed using LT3582 DC DC converter which deliver both positive and negative outputs required in many biasing applications such as active matrix OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays as well as CCD (charge coupled device) applications.

The LT3582 offer an I2C interface that can dynamically program output voltages, power sequencing and output voltage ramps as the application requires. Alternatively, these parameters can be set in manufacturing and made permanent via the built in non-volatile OTP (one time programmable) memory. The LT3582’s positive output voltage can be set between 3.2V and 12.775 in 25mV steps, whereas the negative output can be set between -1.2V and -13.95V in 50mV steps. The LT3582-5 and LT3582-12 are preconfigured with ±5V and ±12V outputs respectively, useful in many signal conditioning applications.
The LT3582 ’s input voltage range of 2.55V to 5.5V make them ideal for Li-Ion powered applications with efficiencies as high as 88%. These features, when combined with less than 325uA of quiescent current, the LT3582 series can maximize battery life.
Main features of this dc converter family are : Digitally Reprogrammable (LT3582) Via I2C for ( Output Voltages, Power Sequencing, Output Voltage Ramp Rates ) , Power-Up Defaults Settable with Non-Volatile OTP , I2C Compatible Interface , All Power Switches Integrated , 350mA Current Limit (Boost) , 600mA Current Limit (Inverting) , All Feedback Resistors Integrated

 5 to 12 V dual power supply circuit using LT3582 DC DC converter  LT3582, LT3582-5 and LT3582-12 dual channel DC DC converters circuit application

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