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Cm1117 voltage regulator

Using Cm1117 voltage regulator manufactured by Champion we can make a adjustable or fixed power supply with a maximum output current around of 1 ampere .
CM117 is a three terminals 1A low dropout voltage regulator with a 1.8 , 2.5 , 3.3 fixed output voltage or adjustable output voltages .

If you use CM1117 voltage regulator in a power supply you don’t need just a few components : two capacitors for fixed output voltage and two capacitors , one resistor and one potentiometer ( variable resistor ) for adjustable output voltage.
You can connect the Cm117 voltage regulator in your circuit like in schematics presented bellow .

Input voltage for IC must be equal with desire Vout ( output voltages ) plus 1.5 volts and the dissipation power is equal with Iout *[Vin-Vout] .
Cm1117 voltage regulator CM1117 voltage regulator circuit

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