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Batteries discharger electronic project

This batteries discharger circuit electronic project is designed using some common electronic components. This batteries discharger circuit, can be used to completely discharge NiCd NiMh batteries, before the charging process. When is used fast charghing mode for charghing batteries, it’s suggested to use a normal charge mode after a number of fast charging cycles, usually we suggest that after a certain number of loads to make a quick charge "normal", in the tenth of capacity.
Meanwhile, battery elements should not be too low. If, for example, an element is discharged and the others are still fully charged (or partially charged), discharged element will reverse polarity, and this must be prevented to protect the battery
While D2 is lit, the battery is discharged through R4 and T1. When the battery voltage falls below the fixed to P1, T1 receives no power and, LED is off and discharge circuit can be disconnected

Circuit Diagram: 
Batteries discharger circuit
Batteries discharger  circuit

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