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5v switching power supply

This 5V switching power supply circuit is made using LM1575 or LM2575 integrated circuit manufactured by National Semiconductor.
This 5V switching power supply circuit can provide a 5 volt output using few electronic cpmponents, from an input voltage between 8 and 32V. can be made a switching power supply which provide a 5V output using few electronic components.
The 5V switching regulator requiring only a shock ,recovery diode and a pair of electrolytic capacitors.
Type of diode is 1N5822 or BYW29 (Philips), you can use any fast diode, in any case, do not use an 1N4001 ordinary diode type or similar.

Shock is a ready-built coil of 330 uH, which must be able to handle currents of at least 1A.

Build source with a common ground point, star-shaped, as shown in the diagram. The maximum current that can be charged is about 1 A.

Circuit Diagram: 
5v switching power supply circuit using LM1575 LM2575

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