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Various simple electronics projects for beginners

Various simple electronics projects circuits diagrams for hobbyist and beginners . Simple circuits, mini projects with diagrams and description from many electronics categories.

Dog whistle circuit ultrasonic device

This dog whistle circuit ultrasonic device can help you to escape from bad dogs :).

Arrow led indicator circuit using 74hc14 IC

This arrow led indicator circuit electronic project can be used in some dark places to show the directions . You can use to indicate direction just an illuminated arrow or a flashing light , but is much nicer if the light moves in the correct direction.
This arrow led indicator circuit is based on 74HC14 circuit and some LEDs which are used to show the way .

TFD4500 IRDA infrared interface circuit

This infrared interface circuit serial transceiver circuit is based on a TFDS4500 IC and can be used to transmit data from portable devices to a PC using IR and serial port .


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