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Various simple electronics projects for beginners

Various simple electronics projects circuits diagrams for hobbyist and beginners . Simple circuits, mini projects with diagrams and description from many electronics categories.

Remotely momentary actuated button

The electronic circuit shown in this circuit diagram, can be used as a remotely momentary actuated button.

Circuit Diagram: 
Remotely momentary actuated button circuit

SAB0529 programmable timer circuit

Using SAB0529 integrated circuit can be build a very simple timer with a programmable time between 1 second and 31 hours and 30 minutes. This electronic circuit can be used for staircase lights, battery chargers, etc.

Circuit Diagram: 
SAB0529 programmable timer circuit

Simple timer for lamp

Using circuit diagram below can be built a simple timer for lamp, or other electronic device.

Circuit Diagram: 
timer for lamp circuit diagram


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