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Power supply connection delay circuit

Using this circuit diagram can be made a very simple delay circuit for power supply connection. Power supply connection delay circuit is taken directly from the network through a bridge rectifier, D1-D4. Rectifier must be able to provide current to 1 A. For safety reasons, resistor R1 provide rapid discharge of capacitor C1 to disconnect power. Its rated voltage will be 250 V AC or 400 V c.c.
As is shown in the diagram, all contacts of S1 are open, the grid of T1 is connected to the positive supply terminal (power connection, means that when the relay is activated).
During conduction of T1, the clock input of IC1 is in state L because of D9, so the counter is disabled.
Timing can be selected with DIP switch shown in table.

Circuit Diagram: 
Power supply connection delay circuit

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