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LB1948M forward reverse motor control driver

A very simple forward reverse motor control driver electronic circuit project can be designed using the LB1948M 2 channel low saturation voltage forward reverse motor control driver IC. LB1948M motor driver is optimal for motor drive in 12V system products and can drive either two DC motors, one DC motor using parallel connection, or a 2-phase bipolar stepping motor with 1-2 phase excitation mode drive.
Some features of the LB1948M motor driver IC are : 12V power supply ,low saturation voltage: VO(sat) = 0.5V (typical) at IO = 400mA ,zero current drawn in standby mode , braking function ,built-in thermal shutdown circuit .

The LB1948M can be used as a single-channel H-bridge power supply by connecting IN1 to IN3, IN2 to IN4, OUT1 to OUT3, and OUT2 to OUT4 as shown in the figure. (IOmax=1.6A, VO(sat)=0.6V (typical) at IO=800mA) .
The circuit is very simple and require few external electronic parts .

forward reverse motor control circuit diagram usingLB1948M

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