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L6203 DC motor controller

In some electronic applications or projects you need to control a simple DC motor . You can control an simple DC motor by using a electronic circuit based on transistors or some regulators or you can use an specialized motor driver IC .This DC motor controller circuit shown in this schematic use the L620x motor driver .
The L620x is a monolithic full bridge switching motor driver realized in the new Multipower-BCD technology which allows the integration of multiple, isolated DMOS power transistors plus mixed CMOS/bipolar control circuits and is available in many versions : L6201 /1PS/2/3 .
All this motor driver circuits are identically , the differences between them is the total RMS current , which is up to : 1A for L6201 , 2A for L6202 and 4A for L6203 and L6201PS .
As you can see in the presented circuit diagram, the L6203 motor driver circuit require few additional components .

Using the L6203 driver ic you can perform speed and direction control.
If the device is combined with a current regulator like the L6506 , can be implemented a
transconductance amplifier for speed control, as shown in this circuit schematic . In this configuration only half of the L6506 is used and the other half of the device may be used to control a second motor.
The L6506 senses the voltage across the sense resistor RS to monitor the motor current: it compares the sensed voltage both to control the speed and during the brake of the motor.
A snubber network made by the series of R and C must be foreseen very near to the output pins of the I.C.

The following formulas can be used to calculate the snubber values:
R @ VS/lp ; C = lp/(dV/dt) where:
VS is the maximum Supply Voltage foreseen on the application; Ip is the peak of the load current; dv/dt is the limited rise time of the output voltage (200V/ms is generally used).
of the IC. Sometimes a capacitor at pin 17 of the L6506 let the application better work. For motor current up to 2A max., the L6202 can be used in a similar circuit configuration for which a typical Supply Voltage of 24V is recommended.
L6203 DC motor controller circuit schematic

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