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Temperature fan speed controller using LTC2997

A very simple electronic temperature fan speed controller circuit can be designed using this schematic circuit diagram . This temperature fan speed controller electronic project is designed using Linear Technology electronic parts and is very simple , requiring few external electronic components. This electronic project use the LTC2997 single remote temperature sensor which provides a precise and versatile micropower solution for accurate temperature sensing .

LTC2997 converts the temperature of an external sensor or its own temperature to an analog voltage output. A built-in algorithm eliminates errors due to series resistance between the LTC2997 and the sensor diode. The LTC2997 gives accurate results with low-cost diode connected NPN or PNP transistors or with integrated temperature transistors on microprocessors or FPGAs.
This controller circuit uses a 12 volt fan , so you’ll need a 12 volt DC power supply to power the fan and a 5 volt DC power supply for circuit.

Circuit Diagram: 
Temperature fan speed controller schematic circuit diagram electronic project

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