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Metal detector circuit electronic project

This metal detector circuit electronic project is an very simple circuit that is based on common electronic parts .
This metal detector circuit is based on transistors and will provide an visual indication using a LED and an acoustic sound that will inform you when a metal is detected .

This metal detector must be powered from a simple 9 volt battery an it needs some little adjustments.
To adjust these circuit you need to power it on and move it away from any metal object .
You must turn RV2 potentiometer fully clockwise and RV2 potentiometer anti-clockwise.

With SW1pressed you must turn RV1 anti-clockwise until the LED is about to light and all further sensitivity adjustments should now be done by turning RV2 . To set maximum sensitivity , turn RV2 until the LED is weakly lit. The brightness of the Led indicates the distance and the size of the metal object detected .
The L1 and L2 coil must be on the same support that must have a 8mm diameter . L1 has 120 turns from 0.3mm Cu wire and L2 has 43 turns from 0.3mm Cu wire .

Circuit Diagram: 
metal detector circuit electronic project


sir, are you sure it works properly and it is complete circuit of metal detector .please don't mind i am in confusion plz inform me so that i bought the components and starts to work on it.thanks.

The circuit was tested some years ago by some friends, and it should work if is constructed correctly.

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