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Ion detector schematic circuit

An very simple ion detector circuit can be constructed like in the circuit shown bellow .As you can see in this schematic circuit this electronic ion detector circuit require few common electronic components .
This circuit detects static charges and free ions in the air .This ion detector circuit can be used for detecting presence of free ions , static electricity or high voltage leakage . Antenna used in this project is a short whip antenna and the R3 resistor is used to adjust the sensitivity of the circuit . The M1 from this circuit is an 100mA micro-Ampere-meter .

The ground connection is made by either an earth ground or can be attached to the hand using an aluminum foil .
The detector is set up to detect negative ions. It can be made to detect positive ions by simply reversing the polarity of the transistors that comprise the circuit, i.e., PNP units become NPN units, and NPN transistor is replaced by a PNP unit.

This detector circuit project must be powered from a 9 volts battery .
negative ion detector schematic circuit diagram


Hi about this circuit can we connect an audio and where if thanks

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