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Electrical motor control circuit diagrams and electronics projects

Electrical motor control electronics projects with circuit diagrams for stepper motors, dc motor, ac motor using simple and complex technology.
PWM controller and other circuits based on electric motors .

NJW4800 pwm motor control circuit diagram

Using the NJW4800 half bridge power driver IC you can design many electronic projects .

A3952S stepper motor controller circuit diagram

Using the A3952S stepper motor controller ( designed by Allegro MicroSystems ) we can design a very simple and useful motor driver circuit that can be used in many electronic applications . A3952S stepper motor controller is capable of continuous output currents up to 2 A and operating voltages range up to 50 V. Internal fixed off-time PWM current-control circuitry can be used to regulate the maximum load current to a desired value.

NJM3771 stepper motor controller

An very simple stepper motor driver circuit can be designed using the NJM3771 stepper motor driver integrated circuit designed by New Japan Radio Co. Ltd.


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