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Electrical motor control circuit diagrams and electronics projects

Electrical motor control electronics projects with circuit diagrams for stepper motors, dc motor, ac motor using simple and complex technology.
PWM controller and other circuits based on electric motors .

Motor driver project using op amp

Using a simple operational amplifier and some other common electronic components can be designed a very simple DC motor driver .

LMD18245 bipolar stepper motor controller circuit

Using the LMD18245 full-bridge power amplifier that incorporates all the circuit blocks required to drive and control current in a brushed type DC motor or one phase of a bipolar stepper motor can be designed various motor applications.
The LMD18245 controls the motor current via a fixed off-time chopper technique.
An all DMOS H-bridge power stage delivers continuous output currents up to 3A (6A peak) at supply voltages up to 55V.

Motor controller circuit diagram using LMD18200 motion controller

Using the LMD18200 3A H-Bridge designed by National Semiconductors for motion control applications we can design a very simple motor controller electronic project . The device is built using a multi-technology process which combines bipolar and CMOS control circuitry with DMOS power devices on the same monolithic structure.
Ideal for driving DC and stepper motors; the LMD18200 accommodates peak output currents up to 6A. An innovative circuit which facilitates low-loss sensing of the output current has been implemented.


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