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Nigel Goodwin

WinPicProg is the latest 32 bit Windows program in the PicProg series for programming the MicroChip micro-controllers, now including some of the serial EPROM range (12C508/9, 12C671/2, and 16C505) as well as the previous FLASH chips. It’s written using Borland Delphi 6.0, following on from the DOS versions written using Borland TP7.0, the 16 Bit Windows version written using Delphi 1.0, and the 32 Bit Windows version originally ported for NT by Andrew Jarman. It’s designed to use the usual type of parallel port programmers, based on the original design by David Tait, in particular it’s designed around the Don McKenzie and P16PRO40 programmers .

WinPicProg software download