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Microcontroller based projects with circuit diagrams

Free microcontroller based projects with circuit diagram, description and software using avr micro, pic controller and some other controllers .
Free download source code for many electronics projects based on controllers.

PIC16F84A digital thermometer microcontroller project

You can measure temperature using various methods like : analog circuits , digital circuits or some other methods . This electronic project is a very simple thermometer that is based on the PIC16F84A microcontroller , designed by Microchip .
Why to use a thermometer that is designed using a microcontroller and not a classic analog thermometer ? because you can design a complex solution using few external components , resulting an low cost application that provide a high precision measurement .

Digital clock project using PIC16C54A microcontroller

Using microcontrollers we can design various electronic projects using few external electronic components . This circuit project is a very simple digital clock project that is based on the PIC16C54A microcontroller , manufactured by Microchip . As you can see in the circuit diagram , this microcontroller based , electronic clock is powered from a three volts DC power supply ( two AA cells ) .
This microcontroller project implements a 24-hour digital clock, alarm and 99 minute 59 second count down timer.

Pic meter using PIC16C622

Using microcontrollers you can design many interesting and useful electronic projects . This electronic project circuit is based on PIC16C622 microcontroller ( manufactured by Microchip ) . This PIC project is a simple resistance and capacitance “Pic Meter” which can measure resistance in the range 1W to 999W and capacitance from 1 nF to 999 nF.


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