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Microcontroller based projects with circuit diagrams

Free microcontroller based projects with circuit diagram, description and software using avr micro, pic controller and some other controllers .
Free download source code for many electronics projects based on controllers.

Watch system electronic project circuit using PIC18F87J11 MCU

A very simple complete watch system can be designed using the MCP79410 real time clock calendar device .

Digital clock electronic project using PIC16C54

A very simple digital clock project based on the PIC16C54 microcontroller can be designed using the following circuit diagram . This digital clock electronic project based on the PIC16C54 is a simple time-of-day clock incorporating four seven-segment LED displays and three input switches. There is also an additional reset switch that would not normally be incorporated into the final design.
The common cathode for each display is turned on with transistors connected to the four I/O lines of PORTA .

PIC16C54 dual dice electronic project circuit

An electronic dice project circuit can be designed in various modes , using logic circuit or using microcontrollers . This electronic project is based on the PIC16C54 microcontroller , manufactured by Microchip . This project is a simple dual electronic dice project , that use few external electronic parts and LED displays , to generate ( simulate ) dices .
As you can see in the schematic circuit , the main advantage of this electronic dice project is that this circuit require few external electronic parts ( like many of the microcontroller based projects ) .


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