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Watch system electronic project circuit using PIC18F87J11 MCU

A very simple complete watch system can be designed using the MCP79410 real time clock calendar device .
The MCP79410 is a feature-rich RTCC that incorporates EEPROM, SRAM, unique ID and time-stamp.
As you can see in the schematic circuit diagram, this simple watch system is based on a PIC18F87J11 controller and some other few external electronic parts .
This watch system circuit project was designed by Microchip Technology using a PIC18 Explorer demo board on which is mounted a PIC18F87J11 MCU , but you can design this watch electronic project without using PIC18 Explorer demo board .

The MCP79410 is an I2C slave device, working on the related bidirectional 2-wire bus .
This circuit will display six time/date variables (year, month, date, hour, minutes, seconds) using the interrupts of the .
Setup of the above variables using the two push buttons: S1 = MENU KEY, S2 = INCREMENT KEY. The real-time display of the time/date variables is performed as long as the MENU KEY (S1) is not pressed .
Going from one variable to another is performed through the MENU KEY, and incrementing a variable is performed through the INCREMENT KEY.
This circuit require a 5 volt DC power supply and a 3-volt battery which sustain the RTCC when VDD is not present.
The code is designed by Microchip Technology and is written in ‘C’ using the C18 compiler .

Watch system electronic project circuit using PIC18F87J11 MCU

The source code for this electronic circuit project can be downloaded by following this link Watch system code using PIC18F87J11

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