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Serial EEPROM programmer circuit

This Serial EEPROM programmer is very simple and require few external electronic parts .
The Serial EEPROM programmer connects to the PC parallel port and is controlled by driver software running on the PC. The programmer requires a 9-to-12V DC supply at 50mA.
This Serial EEPROM programmer supports the following EEPROM types :
2401, 2402, 2404, 2408, 2416 , 2432, 2464, 24128, 24256 , 9346, 9356, 9366, 9376, 9386 .
These small 8 pin devices offer non-volatile data storage and require minimal I/O lines to connect to them.

Serial EEPROM programmer circuit diagram
In the schematic circuit below is presented another programmer that supports the following types 24CXX, 24LCXX, 93CXX and 93LCXX of EEPROMs and needs to be powered from a 5 volt DC power supply .
Serial EEPROM programmer circuit
If you want to build just a 24LCxx,24Cxx programmer you can use the following circuit diagram which connects the device to PC using Serial Port .
This circuit is powered directly from the computer’s serial port and don’t require any other power supply .

Serial EEPROM programmer


please help me,if you have schematic and software for simple usb programmer 24Cxx please send email me.thanks before

You can use the last circuit diagram and a RS232 to usb converter or just an rs232 to usb

Hi So, what are the component values for the last schematic diagram? (the simple one to connect 24Cxx & 24LCxx EEPROMs to a serial port) I'd need to know what diobes, resistors and capacitors to use... Also, if the pin assignments on the EEPROM and the RS232 port would be added, that would be useful. (yea they are not hard to guess, but it'll save me looking at a different diagram to for verification). Thanks.

C1 - 47uF; C2 - 0.1uF; D1,D2,D3 - Zener 4.7V; D4 - LED; D5,D6,D7 - 1N4148; R1,R2 - 4K7ohm ; R3 - 390 ohm. pin upper left is number 1, lower left number 4; upper right is pin number 8 and lower right is number 5

Wich software I can use to write a 24CXX EEPROM with the last circuit? Working in Windows 7? Thanks in advance.

I think that will work with ponyprog version 2.07c . it should work with almost any serial programmer

in last diagram ,if we use rs232 hub it needs extranal power supply where do we want to give it.please answer to me in mail.

In the last circuit, EEPROM is powered through RS232 port.

Can we write with this programer the bit map file also .? Please

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