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MAX8834 flash LED driver circuit

This flash LED driver circuit is designed using the MAX8834 manufactured by Maxim Semiconductor which integrate a 1.5A PWM DC-DC step-up converter and three programmable low-side, low-dropout LED current regulators.

MAX8834 flash LED driver circuit can be programmed using an I2C interface which provide more flexible control .
The MAX8834 operate from a 2.5V to 5.5 v voltage range and can be used in portable applications like : Cell Phones , Smart Phones PDAs, Digital Cameras, and Camcorders .
The MAX8834 consist of two current regulators ( for the flash/movie mode ) which can sink 750mA in flash mode and 125mA in movie mode.

MAX8834Z driver is easy to configure and require few external components .
MAX8834 flash LED driver circuit

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