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Lm3909 LED flasher circuit

This LED flasher circuit is made using Lm3909 monolithic oscillator designed by National Semiconductor, to flash (LED) Light Emitting Diodes.
Packaged in DIP 8 package LM3909 will operate between -25 and 75 degree. Lm3909 require to work only few components and can be used in many light electrical applications.
Lm3909 LED flasher circuit can be used in applications like: warning indicators powered by 1.4V to 200V, toys and novelties .

The main Features of Lm3909 circuit are: operation over one year from one C size flashlight cell , bright, high current LED pulse, few external components, low voltage operation ( 1V to 5V ), low current drain (under 0.5 mA), wide temperature range.
As you can see in the circuit diagram the Led flasher require few external components and is very simple to do. To choose the components value for your project look in the table bellow.
Lm3909 warning flashlight application.
lm3909 warning flash light circuitlm3909 tipical parameters
Lm3909 flashlight finder application .
lm3909 flashlight finder application schematic

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