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LM3424 white LEDs controller circuit

This white LEDs controller circuit is designed using LM3424 high voltage N-channel MosFET controller for LED drivers.
LM3424 includes a thermal foldback for temperature management of the LEDs.
LM3424 LM3424 white LEDs controller circuit has a wide range input voltage from 4.5V to 75V which make it ideal for use in many illumination applications and other LED applications .
Adjustable high-side current sense voltage allows for tight regulation of the LED current with the highest efficiency possible.

The LM3424 uses standard peak current-mode control providing inherent input voltage feed-forward compensation for better noise immunity.
The internal PWM controller of the LM3424 is designed for adjustable switching frequencies  up to 2.0 MHz and also external synchronization is possible. The controller is capable of high speed PWM dimming and analog dimming.

LM3424 white led driver controller circuit

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