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8 channel LED driver circuit using LT3760

This 8 channel LED driver circuitis made using LT3760 step-up DC/DC controller capable of driving up to 45V of LEDs.
Each channel of LT3760 8 channel LED driver circuit contains an accurate current sink with ±2% current matching. Output current for each channel can be programmed from 20mA to 100mA per string but for higher output LED current the channels can be paralleled .
The PWM dimming allowed by LT3760 is up to 3000:1 and an analog dimming range up to 25:1. The operating frequency can be programmed from 100kHz up to 1MHz using a resistor or an external clock .

The LT3760 LED driver circuit is very simple and require few external components offering high efficiency and other many features like : 8-Channel LED Driver , wide input range : 6V to 40V ,  ±2% LED Current Matching at 40mA , up to 3000:1 True Color PWM™ Dimming Range , single Resistor Sets LED Current (20mA to 100mA) , protection for LED Pin to VOUT short ,  Parallel Channels for Higher LED Current , programmable LED current derating vs temperature , programmable  frequency (100kHz to 1MHz) , synchronizable to an external clock .
The LT3760 can be used in many applications where is needed a high efficiency LED driver.
As you can see in the schematic circuit bellow is presented a 13W Driver 1MHz SEPIC, 8 Strings, 100mA Per String . If you want to use LT3760 please read the manufacturer datasheet .

8 channel LED driver circuit

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