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32 Channel LED Driver circuit using LT3746

This 32 Channel LED driver circuit project is designed using the LT3746 IC manufactured by Linear Technology, which integrates a 32 channel LED driver with a 55V buck controller. The LED driver lights up to 30mA/13V of LEDs in series per channel, and the buck controller generates an adaptive bus voltage supplying the parallel LED strings. Each channel has individual 6-bit dot correction current adjustment and 12-bit grayscale PWM dimming.

Both dot correction and grayscale are accessible via a serial data interface in TTL/CMOS logic. The LT3746 performs full diagnostic and protection against open/short LED and overtemperature fault which is sent back through the serial data interface.
This circuit project schematic is very simple and require few external electronic parts. The circuit will require an input voltage between 13 to 42 volts and it has the following main features : 32-Channel LED Driver, 1MHz Buck, 3 LEDs 10mA to 30mA per Channel, 500Hz 12-Bit Dimming .

32 Channel LED Driver circuit diagram using LT3746

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