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Micrometals Inductor designer

Micrometals Inductor Software is a flexible user friendly tool designed to assist in the selection of iron powder cores.
The user will have the opportunity to select from five different inductor applications:
1) Design of DC output inductors Differential mode inductors
2) Design of controlled swing inductors where the inductance does not exceed a maximum value at reduced current.
3) Design of wide swing inductors utilizing a composite core of ferrite and iron powder.
4) Design of a power factor boost or buck inductor, commonly referred to as a PFC choke.
5) Design of 60 Hz dimmer inductor
6) Design of a Resonant Converter Inductor
The program accepts user defined design requirements in terms of required inductance, dc resistance, dc bias current and applied ac voltage. The user has the option of specifying core geometry (i.e. Toroid, E-Core or Ferrite/Iron Powder Composite), specific core materials or all materials, metric units or English units, maximum window fill factor, temperature rise, ambient temperature, etc.

Micrometals Inductor designer