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Learn electronics using tutorials

Learn electronics using tutorials for beginners. Learn how to design electronic circuits and how to use electronic parts .

Resistor types, symbols, parameters

Resistors are passive electronic components with high usage in electronic devices .

Principal characteristic of the resistors is resistance (opposition to current flow ) .Are many types of resistors :  for hard currents , for light currents , fixed value resistors , variable resistors and other types  .This types of resistors presented can be classify  by other parameters and manufactured process in many categories .

Main parameters of resistor are :

Kirchhoff’s Laws

Using Kirchhoff’s Laws we can analyze one electric circuit and determinate the values of some physics units current , voltages ,resistance .

Operational Amplifier basics

Operational Amplifier is an specialized linear integrated circuit  that consists of several transistors, resistors, diodes, and capacitors, interconnected to produce gain over a wide range of frequencies.
A single amplifier can contain several amplifiers.
The devices can be used with resistance-capacitance (RC) network combinations to build active filters for use at audio frequencies or other applications .
Operational amplifiers (op amps )are used to amplify signals that range from DC through the higher radio frequencies (RF).


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