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Learn electronics using tutorials

Learn electronics using tutorials for beginners. Learn how to design electronic circuits and how to use electronic parts .

Air core inductor equations

Here are some air core inductor equations,because sometimes in electronic projects it's needed to design air core inductor, specially in radio frequency circuits.

Circuit Symbols of Electronic Components

One of the most important thing that you need to know when you start to design a circuit project or when you want to make a printed circuit board of an existing project , is electronic circuit symbols . If you don’t know at least the main ( most used ) schematic circuit symbols it is very hard to start building a electronic project . In this article we will present the most used electronic components symbols .

Passive filters design

In high-fidelity audio systems is necessary to use multiple speakers for clear sound . Because that one speaker can’t play all frequency of the audio band it’s is necessary to use multiple speakers and some audio filters . Filters are used to select or pass desired signals and reject or block undesired signals. In our case , an audio filter will let to pass some of audio frequencies ( from the audio band ) or block some audio frequencies ( from the audio band )


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