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Resistor color code and letters

Resistor Color Code Table
For decoding the color code of resistors we need to know how to interpret the table bellow
resistors color code table
The first two colors market on the resistor body gives the value of the resistor .
The third color marked on the resistor body represents the multiply coefficient
The fourth color band represents the maximum resistor tolerance .
Resistors Letters code
Using the table bellow we can decode the value of the resistors coded ( marked ) with letters on the resistor body .

resistors letter code


Hi, everyone. I need your help me. so I need know OHM and Watt. I have old damage cabon composition resistor and volts 115v,60 Hz, ac 5.5 a, 80 through 240 SFPM, switch controlled. 1st gray,2nd black,3rd multiplier red,4th Tolerance value(+5%)Gold answer Ohm? and Watt? Select- 1 OHM ? 15 OHM ? 220 OHM ? 1.5 OHM ? 22 OHM ? 330 OHM ? 2.2 OHM ? 33 OHM ? 470 OHM ? 3.3 OHM ? 47 OHM ? 680 OHM ? 4.7 OHM ? 68 OHM ? 6.8 OHM ? 100 OHM ? 10 OHM ? 150 OHM ? Please if you know mark X on choose ok. Thank you for help.

Your resistor is an 8k resistor 5% tolerance,wattage is a little hard to be determined if is not mentioned on the body of resistor. Anyway you can determine the wattage comparing size of the resistor you have with a standard resistor with a knowing wattage. 1'st gray = 8 2'nd black= 0 3'rd red= 100 => 8000 ohms

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